e-Cigarettes – Is it all a puff of smoke?


Why you should Switch and Save in 2016

e-CigaretteNow three months into the year, the New Years resolutions are a distant memory. For many, stopping smoking, stop smoking aids and of course the easiest way to stop smoking is key. With some 2.6 million people now using e Cigarette liquids in the UK, clearly there are benefits but what is the evidence available to help people make the decision to make the switch?

For us at Avid Vapers, our business model and ethos is about helping people to save money, as well as improving their health. So lets take a look at the facts.

Switch and Save?

The financial benefits of making the switch to e-Cigarettes is very simple to calculate. With the average smoker spending around £8.40 a day on a pack of 20 cigarettes, there is a very evident financial burden involved with smoking. So how much can you really save? We offer a range of low cost starter packs from just £14 using the best technology on the market. From there, simply subscribe to one of our competitive monthly packages and have your flavours delivered to your door, or pick a flavour for just £4.00 from our extensive range. For comparison purposes our e-Cigarettes offer huge savings:

Based on 20 cigarettes Traditional Cigarettes e-Cigarettes
Per Cigarette £0.42p £0.16p
Per Day £8.40 £3.20
Per Week £58.80 £22.40
Per Month £254.80 £97.00
Per Year £3057 £1164.80
Based on £8.40 a pack Based on £4.00 per refill

This pricing comparison is based on a refill basis and so monthly subscription can help e-Cigarette users to save even more. We offer 4 types of subscription from The Little Vaper for those starting out, through to our huge Jedi Vaper subscription package for £25 a month – almost the same as the cost to smoke 20 cigarettes a day for 1 week. Using our brand new website, you can tailor your flavour options and nicotine strength to suit your own individual requirements. Perfect right?

So with money in your pocket are there any other reasons to switch?

Until recently, there has been much focus and research about the real health benefits of moving from traditional to e-Cigarettes. For us, the real benefit comes from the lack of smoke. Yes e-Cigarettes contain nicotine, but they are now deemed to be 95% safer than traditional smoking according to Public Health England. Why is this?

Apart from the obvious reduction in ash, odour on clothing, hair and people’s homes, premature skin aging and yellow teeth and fingers, there are some serious statistics available to help you make up your mind.

According to recent research, over 80% of all lung cancers are caused by cigarette smoke and 76,000 lives a year could be saved by making the switch to e-Cigarettes. Cigarette smoke also puts smokers at a 3 x increased risk of a stroke, and can reduce your lifespan by a whopping ten years. Eek!

And its not just you that could benefit. With over 7,000 mainly toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, 600,000 people actually die per year from passive smoking. Something already proven to not be associated with vaping.

While the jury may be out on some minor aspects of electronic cigarettes, the evidence continues to swing clearly in its favour. The increase in use from 2.1 million in 2014 to 2.6 million in 2015 has directly corresponded with a decrease in smoking levels making them the most popular quitting aid in England today. The NHS continues to pay attention, with talk of e-Cigarettes being funded by prescription in 2016. We will continue to watch this space and share our thoughts with you.

In the meantime, visit our brand new site at www.avidvapers.co.uk and see if we can help change your life. We are experts in all aspects of e-Cigarettes with shops in Saville Street and Hessle Road in Hull. We can help with guiding you on what equipment to use, what nicotine levels might compare to traditional cigarettes and ultimately help you to Switch and Save.

Sources: Public Health England, NHS, Stroke Association, Action on Smoking and Health, CDC Surgeon General’s Report 2014 (chemicals in smoke), Tobacco Manufacturers Association.

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